Cannabis Website Monitoring

Cannabis Social Media Monitoring & Online Reputation Management

With all the reach and connectedness found in the online market place, social media monitoring and online reputation management are extremely important. We use our social listening applications to monitor social media chatter related to your brand, so we can stay on top of valuable online discussions, topics of interest and competitor actions. This is a great way to gain insider knowledge about your audiences’ sentiments towards your brand as well as the opinions of related groups and influencers. Everything is important; comments, tweets, historical data and more. Our aim is to monitor and assess your brands reputation so you can be the first to know of any significant developments happening on social media.

For example, if a negative review or post occurs, it can be addressed right away, minimizing any reputation damage that may occur. We use custom tools and our man hours to monitor your brands sphere of influence every day, so you’ll always know where you stand.


A/B Split Testing

Using an A/B Testing method is a proven way to figure out which online marketing and promotional strategies work best for your business. Typically, we use this process to compare the results of two separate versions of a webpage so we know which converts better for your audience. Components such as design, content, website copy, images, meta tags, descriptions, call to actions and more are considered during this testing phase. The knowledge gained from A/B Split Testing allows your marketing efforts to become more successful, now and in the future. This type of testing can pay huge dividends for your business.


Monitoring the SEO Health of Your Website

It’s vital to constantly monitor the SEO health of your website to maintain search engine rankings and visibility. Changes in the SERPs can happen fast and waiting a week or a month to act is out of the question. That’s why it’s important to monitor and report daily so that any issues can be dealt with right away. Included as part of any SEO or online marketing campaign we monitor your incoming backlinks for negative SEO or spam, keep track of your keyword rankings and monitor your competition. To beat any link spam or negative SEO attempts, immediate action is necessary to disavow bad links with Google right away. Constantly monitoring your keyword profile allows us to fine tune our content strategy and locate areas for improvement. Monitoring what your competition is doing is a vital part of making your campaign more successful as it can present opportunities and locate potential areas of improvement for your business.


Studying User Behaviour

One of the best ways to improve the user experience of your website (and rankings) is to understand how your visitors interact with your website. This information will be used to figure out user intent and isolate areas that need to improvement through content and/or design. This user behaviour data is very important in dictating any future updates to your website and its pages.